Nikita & Raju – E-session + Sagai

Hello everyone. Hope Summer is going well. Just thought I share a recent session with you all. Not too long ago, Nikita contacted me and inquired if I would cover her Sagai ceremony. Now to those of you who are not familiar with the term, a Sagai is an Indian ceremony where the couple gets engaged, and the families unite. It’s a ceremony to not only bond the two couple for their future matrimony, but also for the two families to officially meet and establish a good relationship. It mostly consists of prayers (pujas), but gifts and rings are also exchanged between the couple, followed by a dinner. Most of you may know already, but I absolutely hate covering events that are exclusively indoors.  The reason being is because working indoors always mean dealing with inconsistent lighting, and the pictures are not as pleasing as they are outdoors. This is why I’m always a bit paranoid when doing any event indoors, simply because other lights or factors can change it dramatically. However, the rec center where the Sagai was held was just brilliant. The entire ceiling was made out of glass, and the whole room was lit completely naturally by the sun. The event was even nicer because it was fairly small with only close friends and family members, just the way I like it.

On top of the Sagai coverage, we also decided to do an E-session type shoot outdoors before the sagai, just so the couple could have some nice images away from the ceremony setting. The outdoor session was quite challenging to say the least. I absolutely love doing sessions outdoors, but I hate to do them with the sun fully out and it’s hot or humid. Now it’s partially my fault since I underestimated the time frame because of the seasonal difference, but we ended up doing the session on a very hot day, in the full mid-day sun. However, the key to being a true professional photographer is to know your surroundings, and to improvise the situation you are in, and make it work. I took a minute to look around, found some spots that would work, and we went ahead and did our thing. Both Nikki and Raju were troopers with the shoot, and complied to all of my requests. The result? You can see for yourself below.  If you have a favorite shot or just want to show some love, please leave a comment below 😀


Sagai Ceremony